Special Education Documents

Folder 2016-2017 IDEA Executive Summary (1 Files)
pdf file 2016 2017 IDEA Executive Summary
Folder Handbooks (2 Files)
pdf file Gifted Handbook
pdf file Sped Handbook
Folder Documents (1 Files)
pdf file SPED Procedural Safeguards
Folder Least Restrictive Environment (1 Files)
pdf file Policy_Statement_LRE_2015-2016SY.pdf
Folder Fiscal Management and Monitoring Procedures for IDEA (1 Files)
pdf file IDEA_Fiscal_Procedures_2015_revised_11.09.2015_(2).pdf
Folder Free Appropriate Public Education (1 Files)
pdf file FREE_APPROPRIATE_PUBLIC_EDUCATION_Policies_and_Procedures.pdf
Folder Discipline of Students with Disabilities (1 Files)
pdf file Discipline_Policies_2015-2016SY.pdf
Folder Child Find (1 Files)
pdf file Child Find